Hardware, software & bandwidth requirements

Hardware, software and Internet bandwidth recommendations for PC to be used by users for learn1thing:


·        A dual-core CPU with at least 2 gigabyte (GB) of RAM and running at speed of at least 1 gigahertz (GHz), or the minimum hardware specification required to run the latest version of Google Chrome and Mozilla FireFox, whichever higher.



Internet Browser:

·        The latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer©Google Chrome©or Mozilla Firefox© is recommended.

·        Flash must be installed. The latest version is recommended.

·        Allow pop-ups for connection to learn1thing host.

·        For desktop sharing, Firefox with Java installed and enabled is required

Operation System:

·        Operating system capable of running the latest versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer©Google Chrome©or Mozilla Firefox©.

Internet Bandwidth:

·        Minimum upload speed is 0.5 Mbps (megabits per second) and download speed is 1Mbps per PC/user.   For example, if there are 10 users concurrently connected to learn1thing, the total bandwidth recommended should be at least 5Mbps upload speed and 20Mbps download speed.

Firewall Configuration:

The ports must be open for external users to connect to BigBlueButton© Server:

·        For TCP ports, clients must be able to connect o the BigBlueButton server ( on port 80 (HTTP), 9123(Desktop Sharing), and 1935 (RTMP).

·        For UDP ports, clients must be able to connection a port within the range 16384-32767 for WebRTC-based audio.

·        There is a BigBlueButton©client check utility (https://bbb.learn1thing.com/check/) available to check the end-to-end performance (please ignore the failure of WebRTC Echo Test as it is not used for learn1thing implementation)