Leading Project Simulations + 60 mins Coaching


With projects becoming more complex, technology allows for more real-time feedback & teams becoming more distributed or virtual in their work, project leaders & team members require more than the latest technology, charts & critical path analysis to navigate & lead their teams to successful project completion. Understanding and managing the people and team dimensions of leading projects is critical.
The Leading Projects Simulation (LPS) is a dynamic computer-based learning experience that allows classroom or online participants to learn & apply core project leadership principles & practices in a simulated business environment.
LPS gives teams an opportunity to experience how their decisions, in all key areas of a project, determine the success or failure of project outcomes. Our PMI supported learning approach is designed to address leadership & management issues through the five phases of project management: initiating, planning, executing, controlling/monitoring and closing.
LPS will move your team from talking about issues to experiencing first-hand how best practices in project leadership impact project outcomes.

Simulets: Bite-Sized Learning

LPS consists of 3 bite-sized simulets that can be taken together, singularly or selectively combined based on targeted learning outcomes.

Project Initiation: Being deliberate and intentional in clarifying project team outcomes, defining realistic and timely strategic goals, managing expectations and developing key stakeholder strategies are the focus of this simulet. At the close of this simulet, participants will be able to:

  • Identify and communicate a Project Leadership philosophy
  • Communicate the why or purpose of the project
  • Define project team deliverables, core competency requirements and good project practices for a team
  • Clarify project team goals and expectation
  • Develop a stakeholder strategy consistent with project outcomes
  • Establish a high level plan to move the project forward

Project Planning: Taking the time upfront to plan saves time later in managing project team issues. Developing & managing relationships, handling key team development issues, addressing budget & technology requirements and managing stakeholder relationships are the focus of this simulet. At the close of this simulet, participants will be able to:

  • Explore project risks & identify strategies to manage diverse risks
  • Manage key team relationship issues to include trust, cohesion, personal vulnerability, accountability and interdependence to achieve project outcomes
  • Define decision-making and conflict resolution strategies
  • Identify team development phase and leadership styles to manage each stage
  • Examine and plan for virtual team applications
  • Develop team influencing strategies to get the work done

Project Implementation: Sustaining team momentum and commitment to closure often becomes a leadership challenge. Managing time, organisation priorities, team politics and stakeholder requirements are key project challenges in this phase and are the focus of this simulet. At the close of this simulet, participating will be able to:

  • Develop team strategies to address technical challenges
  • Identify stakeholder challenges and tools to sustain involvement
  • Support Change Management requirements as the project progresses
  • Anticipate delivery pressures and project time demands against deliverables
  • Examine strategies to sustain team momentum
  • Manage to be on Time whilst addressing project “head winds”
  • Define good practice strategies to close out the Project

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Leading Project Simulations + 60 mins Coaching

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