360° Leadership Profiler

Product Description

The 360° Leadership Profiler helps you reflect on how you put into practice key leadership competencies at work. Based on both personal and organizational effectiveness, the profiler includes 6 key leadership competencies and 18 descriptors.

Besides giving you your own scores on the leadership competencies, the profiler is used as a 360° tool, designed to help highlight your observable strengths and areas of improvements. The leadership profiler enables you to get inputs from identified observers, be it your direct reports, peers or your boss, helping to highlight your observable leadership strengths and blind spots. You can identify up to 9 observers to get a holistic understanding of you as a leader.

What would you receive?

On completion of the leadership profiler you will be able to see your scores in the form of a bar chart for all the six competencies detailed by their descriptors.

Personal Competence

• Personal Effectiveness

• Interpersonal Effectiveness

• Team Effectiveness

Organizational Competence

• Strategic Alignment

• Innovation and Change Management

• Solution Focus Approach

Depending on the observers you identified, the report will also include a Johari Window which helps you access your visible strengths and areas of improvement in each of the leadership competencies. The Johari Window is a simple 2 x 2 matrix that illustrates your perception and that others have of you thus enhancing self-awareness and mutual understanding.

You may also find our Profiler Debrief Coaching, to better understand your report. Our experience coachers would be able to help you navigate through the daily Leadership challenges that you face and construct your action plans.

How would you access the Profilers?

Upon successful checkout, you will receive two emails. One is an email invoice, which confirms your purchase. The other email will consist of the necessary link and instructions for you to access your Profilers.

The email will consist of a link for you to access the profiling tool. Before doing the profiling questionnaire, you will need to nominate at least 1 and up to 3 people for each group of observers - Managers, Peers and Direct Reports. Your observers will then receive an email with a unique access link for them to complete the questionnaire. You have a total of 30 days for both you and your observers to complete the profilers before the link expires.

What if you do not receive any emails?

Do note that due to the various email settings, you might find our emails in your junk or spam inbox. Hence, do check in these inboxes should you not find the emails. For further assistance, please contact lea@learn1thing.com.

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360° Leadership Profiler

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